Is Smooth Streaming Microsoft’s Trojan Horse?

In this article on, Jan Ozser discusses whether Microsoft may use Smooth Streaming as a method of gaining greater market share for Silverlight over Flash.

I’ve written before that most consumers couldn’t care less if Microsoft pulled the plug on Silverlight, primarily because from their view — that of the user — it does little that Flash can’t do. I know, I know, there’s lot of fringe features Silverlight offers that Flash doesn’t, but the reverse is also true, and in terms of the core feature set – the features used by most web sites – and from the point of view of the user, the technologies are similar.

This doesn’t mean that Silverlight doesn’t offer multiple advantages over Flash from the developer’s perspective – it clearly does. Specifically, if you’ve got large libraries of legacy content encoded in Windows Media format, Silverlight can play it, while Flash can’t. If you’ve got lots of applications developed in .Net or C#, they’re easier to port to the web using Silverlight than with Flash. The developers who created these programs can also be immediately become productive with Silverlight, while they basically have to start from scratch to produce Flash programming.

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