Razuna 1.5 Released

Open source DAM vendor, Razuna, have released version 1.5 of their flagship DAM system.  The new features include:

  • HTTP distribution of files to rendering scripts on other servers for proxy/surrogate media generation
  • Front-end customisation
  • New caching engine
  • Scheduled backups within the application
  • Import/export metadata
  • Login from Google or Facebook accounts

More than 230 improvements over Razuna 1.4.7 have been included in the current release, and because of Razuna’s innovative business model, these will be brought to existing and new customers for free.” [Read More]

They seem to have moved (once again, it must be said).  Previously they were based in was Switzerland, then they told us they were a UK company, now it’s Denmark.  Still, I guess these days it’s all fairly academic where they’re physically located.

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