OpenText Up The Tempo On Cloud Document Management

ECM vendor, OpenText have released a new product called ‘Tempo’ which they describe as  “a fast, easy and secure document sharing solution that allows enterprise users to share and manage content in secure folders on smartphones, tablets, and PCs or laptops”.  The document management solution appears to be an attempt to defray the impact of commodity services like Box on their core enterprise market:

OpenText has filed a patent related to OpenText Tempo’s hybrid-cloud capabilities, which allow the enterprise to keep data safe in existing systems, while providing the cloud-based app experience that users demand. Organizations can maintain absolute control of their data while allowing users to easily and effectively share content, which today is typically emailed or stored on cumbersome network shared drives. OpenText Tempo provides a secure, fast-paced and engaging experience for all users on any device, putting content on the go and making businesses that use OpenText Tempo more efficient.” [Read More]


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