Nuxeo Adds Corespondence Management To ECM Platform

Open Source ECM platform vendor, Nuxeo, have introduced a correspondence management solution to compliment their existing Document Management, Case Management and DAM offerings.  Designed with busy regulatory public sector and compliance departments in mind,the solution provides a number of specialist features for this burgeoning market:

Nuxeo Correspondence Management offers unified inbox management, delegation, routing and tracking features necessary for managing all types of correspondence (incoming, outgoing, and subsequent exchanges). Whether correspondence is received via fax, email, web forms, social media or traditional paper, Nuxeo Correspondence Management allows a consistent approach to the capture, handling and resolution of the inquiry. Nuxeo Correspondence Management has already delivered results for several European public sector agencies that must now comply with new mandates requiring time-stamped proof of receipt and delivery for written and online governmental communication.” [Read More]

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