Getting The Right Vendors To Respond To RFPs

Tony Byrne of has written an article with several useful tips for getting the right vendors to pitch for RFPs.  Many of the points are generically applicable to most enterprise software projects (including DAM).  The central theme of the piece is that the number of vendors responding to RFPs is declining and Tony proposes 5 possible reasons why this might be the case:

  • The quality of RFPs is improving – and they are more time consuming for vendors to complete as a result.
  • Vendors have become more selective about what they pitch for.
  • Vendors remain paranoid (i.e. do not trust the true intent of the prospect).
  • Systems Integrators are increasingly involved and they have a track record of being highly discriminating because of their tighter margins.
  • The vendor’s sales process has failed prior to submission (or they “screwed up” as Tony more succinctly puts it)

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