Elvis DAM 2.6 Released

One of our featured DAM vendors, Dutch Software, have released version 2.6 of their Elvis DAM System.  The key extension is their own plug-in architecture which they release as open source modules, although it should be stressed that the Elvis core itself is not an open source app.  The full list of updates are:

  • Major performance improvements for RAW file format preview processing
  • Adobe Reader integrated: view original PDF in the desktop client
  • Improved search engine intelligence
  • Support for more metadata standards
  • New desktop client plugin framework

Elvis DAM 2.6 brings a performance and functionality boost and introduces a new desktop client plugin framework. This allows you to create custom functionality in the Elvis desktop client to meet your business needs. Custom menus and buttons can open dialogues and tabs containing specific features or integrations.” [Read More]

We noted with interest some months ago how the open source vendors were basing their product adoption strategies on developing a plug-in ecosystem and actively encouraging users to take away their product and adapt it beyond its original purposes, so it comes as no surprise that closed source vendors are looking to do the same (albeit in a more restrictive manner).

The next issue for vendors (of both closed and open source varieties) to contend with is the incompatibility of plug-ins between different systems.  How many end users are going to be willing to develop plug-ins for each of these incompatible platforms remains to be seen.  Ultimately, the clout of each vendor (in terms of money and attention) might settle that score but in the meantime, many of the vendors engaged in this strategy should probably not expect their end users to solve their product development problems for them (as has happened with more popular apps like WordPress or Photoshop).

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