DAM Vendor Research: Information Required

In collaboration with a number of other DAM industry commentators, I am currently helping Leala Abbot to prepare a comprehensive list of DAM Vendors with a paired down list of the need to know technical details about the numerous products that exist in this market (including Open Source, Enterprise/Proprietary and SaaS).

Anyone who is interested in submitting can either request access directly from Leala, alternatively, if you are a vendor and you register on our featured DAM Vendor directory with your technical information, we will add this on your behalf.  If you are already in the directory, use the contact form to let us know about your product’s specs.

The list of criteria include:

  • Vendor Name
  • Products Offered
  • Proprietary or Open Source
  • Solutions Offered: Installed, Hosted, SaaS
  • Database
  • APP/Webserver
  • Language (Code base)
  • Operating System
  • Interface (API)
  • Metadata Handling: XMP, IPTC etc
  • Who’s Using it: non-profits, museums and organisations
  • Who’s Using It: corporate and for-profit enterprises

In particular, Leala wants to avoid excessive sales language and would like submissions to concentrate on the straight technical facts about each product.  So don’t expect to be able to just copy/paste paragraphs from your latest product brochure.

Read more on Leala Abbot’s blog.

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