DAM News Premium Whitepapers – Final Day Of Discount Offer

I gather from some of our readers that today is what they colloquially refer to as refer to as “Black Friday” and stores or other retail outlets are known to discount some items in acknowledgement.

As such, in the same spirit, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that today is the last working day when you can still acquire copies of our ruinously under-priced, vendor neutral and impartial Digital Asset Management White Papers before the cost reverts to being merely good value for money again on 1st December.

Of particular  note is the three report bumper pack, available for just $50.  For those of a selective disposition, the premium reports are, of course, available individually also.  The whitepapers include:

The more fiscally straightened among you may also obtain free excerpts providing you are also willing to register for our DAM whitepaper service.

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