DAM And The Asset Life Cycle

One of our featured DAM vendors, Asset Bank have written a blog post: The life of a digital asset

Follow the story from photography of an image, application of the photographer’s metadata, purchase and upload into a Digital Asset Management system. See how it is licensed, managed and utilised until it is eventually archived…” [Read More]

The outline shows the basic ‘story’ of an asset from origination through to cataloguing and finally automated archival after a given period – assuming, of course, your requirement is for that to happen.

The overview is a bit of a back-handed sales pitch to show you the features of their product, however, it’s better handled than many similar examples I have seen.  The overview is a quite simple and easy to understand illustration of many of the features of modern day DAM systems.

A few DAM vendors have grasped that the sales process with DAM systems is a lot more about education than ham-fisted closing lines or idly boasting about them and their product.  It’s good to see a some more now understanding this and getting to grips with what their prospective users will actually want to do with DAM rather than simply asserting their market superiority as the sole reason you should be interested in them.

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