ADAM Release Teamwork Proofing & Annotation Solution Using ConceptShare Tools

One of our featured DAM vendors, ADAM, have released ‘Teamwork’, a solution to provide annotation and workflow features:

Teamwork is designed specifically to match the precise requirements of marketing managers handling cross-media campaigns, rather than print-related tasks. Also, the availability of ‘workflow blocks’ means that Teamwork makes it straightforward to create and integrate tasks and people (collaborating in parallel or individually) within the approval cycle. Designers, legal experts, client personnel etc. can all get involved and each person can now be allocated specific capabilities in regards to alterations or sign off of work” [Read More]

The product is the result of ADAM’s collaboration with ConceptShare, who also partnered with OpenText and various other DAM vendors earlier this year.  This move looks like an attempt to answer some of the limitations of the workflow and artwork tracking limitation criticisms that have been levelled at DAM recently (with some justification).

ADAM make a great deal of their workflow design tools – which are heavily based on the Microsoft foundation classes (and make the whole experience depressingly familiar for anyone who has had to set up SQL Server maintenance plans in the past).  But while the visual ‘flowchart’ style designer tools helped with the business process design, the end user experience of dealing with an actual workflow decision was rather more prosaic.  ‘Teamwork’, while it gets a 3/10 for originality in respect of the product name does look like it might address some of those issues and offer greater appeal for the target marketing manager audience.

Since the DAM vendor sector is largely a ‘me too’ market where most participants copy the competition in order to avoid the risk that they won’t be able to ‘tick all the boxes’ on RFPs etc, one should expect numerous other announcements from ADAM’s DAM vendor peers about similar features for their products also in the next few months.

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