10 CMS For Photo Galleries

CMS Critic has a breakdown of 10 Content Management Systems for photo galleries.  The products covered include:

When it comes to sharing your images on your website in the form of a web gallery, the CMS options for managing the same are many. Whether you wish to create an online portfolio, or simply want to share some photos, choosing the ideal CMS for your web gallery goes a long way in effectively managing the gallery! In this article, we bring to you some of the best known CMS options for web gallery management.” [Read More]

While none of these are what you would term full DAM systems, I was surprised at the level of sophistication in some of these products a number of which have features that were considered ‘cutting edge’ in DAM a few years ago.  If nothing else they demonstrate the pace of technological change in the Digital Asset Management market in terms of features and capabilities.  A key question is whether vendors are able to pack in more functionality without tools becoming bloated and impossibly difficult to use.

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