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Be wary of self-described SharePoint killers

by Naresh Sarwan on August 31, 2009

As any product gains in popularity, especially if it’s seen as dominant, you tend to see more and more news about alternatives that inevitably get dubbed “killers.” The news media and the product’s competitors are continually trying to best the dominant solution and predict a product’s demise. We can see this clearly with the iPhone and, as Seth Gottlieb pointed out, “who isn’t working on a SharePoint killer?” But in many cases, these “killers” are only hopefuls with virtually no evidence they could harm a fly.

I don’t want to suggest that there aren’t viable competitors to SharePoint. Far from it. There are a number of very good tools that have similar functionality. However, as a consumer you need to do your homework and ensure that you’re choosing the tool for the right reason: it meets your business requirements. This is true whether it’s SharePoint or Alfresco (which has also been positioned as a “SharePoint killer”).

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