Semantic Web: May Not Be As Effective As Visionaries Hope

This article by Pew Research analyses responses from 895 survey respondents as part of Pew’s “Future of the Internet” survey.  The research revealed that almost half the respondents (47%) believe that by 2020, the Semantic Web will not be as effective as some visionaries such as Tim Berners-Lee hope:

Many think Berners-Lee’s vision will take much longer to unfold than the 2020 timeline posited by the question. Critics noted that human uses of language are often illogical, playfully misleading, false or nefarious, thus human semantics can never be made comprehensible to machines. Some 12% of those who responded to the survey did not venture a guess about the future of the semantic web – itself a sign that there is still a good deal of uncertainty and confusion about the topic even among those who are quite connected to the tech world.” [Read More]

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