Semantic Image Engine Next Big Thing For Search Titans?

Nachofoto, developers of a ‘semantic, time-based vertical image search engine,’ have announced they are in talks with a thus far undisclosed major player in the search industry about the adoption of their system, currently in beta.

“Why build when you can buy? “Google of course can do anything,” says Anuj Agarwal. “But we have a solution that is working now and that could be used by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Even if Google would try there is no guarantee they’d get the same result. The algorithms we use are very hard to reverse engineer,” he says of nachofoto’s user-intent focused image search, which has two U.S. patents pending and is the outcome of three years of research. The Agarwals said getting as far as they have has meant overcoming a lot of practical problems, from how to ensure that the image that is included with content is actually of the subject in question, to images that are tagged incorrectly to begin with.” [Read More]

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