Web Engagement Management Perspectives On DAM

In this CMSWire.com article, Irina Guseva proposes that DAM vendors need to apply WEM (Web Engagement Management) techniques to encourage greater use of DAM solutions and integrate them more closely with other solutions (in particular: WCM or Web Content Management):

What is missing right now is clear understanding of how DAM and WEM play together, and how to effectively use DAM to propel your engagement strategy. Currently, there’s lack of understanding of how to best use DAM to produce and manage engaging customer and brand experiences, as digital asset management is not being fully accounted for in most engagement strategies — neither by customers nor by vendors.” [Read More]

Do you agree with this article?  My guess would be that a lot of vendors will claim they already do offer many of the elements discussed, but whether their users would agree, is another matter.

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