Reduce Choices To Increase User Adoption Of Marketing Asset Management (MAM)

In this article, Rhonda Basler of MailPrint discusses how the provision of an excess number of choices for users in Marketing Asset Management (MAM) systems can actually reduce uptake of the system as users become bewildered by the array of different options.  Rhonda compares studies carried out on consumers purchasing habits with jelly (or jam for UK readers) and notes that this study resonates with her own experience:

Having many options creates a great “shopping” experience and initial usage, but if too many customization options are given, over time the users may become stressed by the system. This results in fewer ads being downloaded, fewer email and direct mail campaigns being initiated, and ultimately a decrease in the amount of marketing done by your users or locations. Even worse, they may instead go outside the approved system and create materials that are not within branding standards. All this can happen simply because designing or creating the marketing materials is a taxing decision process.” [Read More]

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