Open Source And SaaS DAM/ECM: “A Bad Idea”?

Writing for, Jim Thumma contends that Open Source and SaaS ECM providers (the “new kids on the block” as he calls them) are too good to be true and not to be relied upon like proprietary vendors:

But like my grandfather used to say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” If you’re shopping around, you probably already know that a few of us conventional ECM vendors have been offering robust, affordable, easy-to-use solutions for decades. We’ve learned a few things over the years by working in the trenches and listening to our customers. One thing that we did not need to learn is that cheap and fast are recipes for disaster – or, at the very least, disappointment.” [Read More]

Judging by the comments, it looks like Jim has already been pulled up for FUD, but if you are an Open Source or SaaS vendor, what do you think?

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