Improve Communication Between Stakeholders For More Effective Digital Asset Management

Henrik de Gyor discusses how Digital Asset Management within organisations can often be sub-divided into three (or more) perspectives: Business, Creative and Technical.  He contends that by improving communication between stakeholders in each of these groups, especially in regards to how each group will interact with each other, the effectiveness of a DAM solution can be enhanced considerably:

Most of the time, all these points of view and people work for the same organization and have the same ultimate goal (often involving the realization, creation and/or delivery of the end products and/or services). Sometime this goal is not clear to everyone due to the lack of communication, specifically dialogue (not just monologue) between groups. This dialogue should be with other people who you do not often do not communicate with, but this will help share these perspectives across groups/departments. Break down the silos, egos and misconceptions. Stop throwing work over a real/virtual wall. Stop ignoring what happens before, during and after someone works on something. Stop hiding in your office, behind your email and/or IM. Most of your co-workers don’t bite. Neither should you. Leave your comfort zone and get a fresh look at what the other groups do to make things happen. Speak up.” [Read More]

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