Entrepreneurs From Developing Nations Are “Eating America’s Lunch”: Implications For DAM?

Somewhat off-topic for DAM, but based on our predictions for the DAM Industry in 2011, perhaps not.  This article in foreignpolicy.com discusses how entrepreneurs from developing nations such as China and India are increasingly taking on their US counterparts and may pose a considerable business threat in the non-too distant future:

Indian industry started investing in constantly improving the skills and the management abilities of its workers. It has effectively built its own surrogate education system, one that can take the workers coming from a weak education system and turn them into R&D specialists.   Now, many of these workers are leaving their high-paying tech-services jobs to start their own ventures. It’s the same dynamic as in the United States, where entrepreneurs start their companies when they are, on average, 39 years old. They have 10 to 15 years of work experience and ideas for products that solve real customer problems; they have gotten tired of working for others; and they want to build wealth before they retire. And so it is in India. There are no hard estimates available on the number of Indian entrepreneurs starting companies, but at one recent conference devoted to start-up companies, there were 1,200 attendees — up from less than 100 attendees at such events just 4 years ago. There are now start-up events in every major Indian city, with hundreds of people in attendance — mostly from new companies.” [Read More]

For more evidence that the DAM and marketing technology industry in general is increasingly becoming less US & European centric, we also note that the Technology for Marketing event is now being held in India following a similar event in China held last year in addition to London & Manchester.

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