Education And The Potential For Digital Asset Management Technology

In this article, Philip Spiegel writing in his blog discusses the growing potential for educators to exploit Digital Asset Management technology to deliver innovative learning experiences.  He bases this hypothesis on his recent visit to the SIIA Edtech Summit in San Francisco.  Philip also points out that there are considerable opportunities for technology implementers and vendors to capitalise on this market as it matures:

The Edtech Summit is a meeting of hardware and software manufacturers, content creators, publishers and service providers, along with technologists, education consultants and education administration professionals involved in all aspects of the technology and industry challenges of implementing technology into all levels of education. This year the event was themed around mobile learning and the mobile learning experience. DAMsta’s (and my Archivist bretheren as well) should take notice of yet another content lesson (like DOOH mentioned in an earlier post). These technologies exist to feed content and make content relevant and valuable in the educational space and ultimately offer a new opportunity to monetize content.” [Read More]

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