Alexandra Neudek Interview

Alexandra N. NeudekOur latest DAM News interview is with  Alexandra Neudek, who is a graduate of King’s College London’s MA program in DAM.  There are some great quotes, for example the following in answer to the question: How do you describe digital asset management to others?

In professional contexts, I usually tailor my DAM description to what I know that the organization needs. For example, if I knew an organization needed help organizing their marketing assets, I’d explain how investing in DAM would help make their creative assets findable and consistent, thereby helping them keeping track of copyright info and artistic initiatives. A DAM would also help them cut down on production costs costs since they’d be able to re-use Evergreen content. And of course, I’d also explain that I could help them choose, implement, and maintain the system.” [Read More]

Alexandra has some interesting thoughts on the future of DAM and (in common with a few of our other recent interviewees) she sees the scope expanding into other areas outside what has become the more conventional marketing realm:

At the moment, most organizations who buy DAM software use it as a repository for their previous marketing assets and occasionally link these with analytics, data, etc. I think as time goes on and DAM becomes better known, organizations will continue to adopt DAM for other, “less obvious” use cases such as for product lifecycle management or in health informatics.” [Read More]

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