Razuna Release Version 1.6

Open source DAM vendor, Razuna, released version 1.6 of their DAM solution yesterday.  They claim 400 updates in this release, although it must be said, we have noted a tendency for this specific vendor to possibly exaggerate their numerical data with reference to download or user volumes in the past, so how many of these are really new or noteworthy is harder to accurately verify.  The key points are these seven items:

  • Smartfolders for connecting stored searches to Dropbox and S3
  • Plug-in architecture
  • Akami integration (this is a feature they once had in premium editions only and appear to have back-ported to the public version)
  • Hooks based on workflow events
  • LDAP authentication
  • White labelling
  • Trash/deletion feature

The quote from founder (and now CTO) Nitai Aventaggiato has some insight into the features:

One of the most prominent features is ‘Smartfolders’ – allowing users to save and share searches as well as connecting Razuna to their Dropbox account and Amazon S3 buckets. We have also improved stability and performance tremendously. On top of all this, the famed Razuna API has been greatly extended to the benefit of customers and many of our partners. Additionally, we are introducing the Razuna Plugin-Architecture. In short, it allows developers to write their own plugins for Razuna, thus extending the core even further. The new Workflow-Plugin is a perfect example how Razuna can be extended” [Read More]


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