Nuxeo Releases DAM 1.1 And Offers Cloud Based Editions

One of our featured DAM Vendors, Nuxeo, today announced version 1.1 of their Digital Asset Management application and also an Amazon Cloud based offering:

Nuxeo DAM – Cloud Edition brings feature-rich and sophisticated digital asset management to businesses who don’t have the time or IT resources to invest in an expensive legacy DAM product. It provides a subscription solution to handle all types of digital content,” said CEO Eric Barroca. “It eliminates heavy investments in IT or hardware, while still providing all the ingestion, categorization, management and collaboration tools that today’s businesses and marketing departments require to protect their media content investment. Nuxeo DAM – Cloud Edition is one of the ways that a new or growing business can use technology to help level the playing field and compete cost-effectively in the digital economy.” [Read More]

A number of open source DAM developers have rolled out Cloud based editions of their applications.  Now that a larger player like Nuxeo have got in on the act, it should finally dispel the FUD perpetrated by some proprietary vendors that open source involves high levels of technical expertise to set up compared to closed source Cloud based DAM.

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