Nuxeo Announce Open Source DAM solution

Nuxeo, open source ECM vendor have announced the release of another open source DAM solution.

Nuxeo DAM is a packaged application, based on the Nuxeo open source ECM platform, that addresses the complex and resource-intensive demands of managing the rich media assets of 21st century business. Designed to meet the creative and ever-changing needs of marketing and brand managers, Nuxeo’s digital asset management software opens up new opportunities for the creators, users and consumers of rich media to take control of their critical image, video or audio content.

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The open source digital asset management market is getting fairly crowded now, with offerings from Razuna, Resourcespace, FocusOPEN, EnterMedia and academic oriented solutions such as DSpace. For a complete overview of the latest open source digital asset management software available, please visit our site:

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