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Systems Administrator

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah, US

At the Natural History Museum of Utah we place a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional experience to every guest who visits the museum or participates in any of our programs. All staff members, at every level and in all departments, are a critical part of providing this level of experience. Candidates selected for employment with NHMU will receive training and be expected to consistently contribute to creating an exceptional and memorable experience at every opportunity.

The NHMU Systems Administrator Sr. position is responsible for managing the Natural History Museum of Utah’s servers and for centralized client management of mobile devices and Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and laptops. This position requires deep knowledge of Windows and Linux servers.

Essential functions include:

  • installing new software releases and system upgrades, evaluates and installs patches, resolves software related problems, performs system backups and recovery, maintains data files and monitors system configuration to ensure data integrity.
  • work proactively and with minimal direction to ensure IT systems are capable of supporting all Museum operations.
  • provide second- or third-level support for most Museum IT and A/V operations and may be required to substitute for any other IT position.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Patch and proactively upgrade Windows and Linux servers as required to maintain security posture.
  • Maintain software distribution infrastructure.
  • Monitor and maintain computer and network security working with University Security Operations and the Information Security and Privacy Office as appropriate.
  • Ensure correct operation of server backups using BuRP and AMANDA.
  • Plan and ensure disaster-recovery capability.
  • Deploy, update and upgrade applications and the operating system on Windows, Linux and macOS desktops and laptops using centralized administration tools.
  • Create and edit documentation. Oversee NHMU IT documentation library, ensuring quality and that IT staff are updating and using it correctly.
  • Maintain inventory of NHMU IT property.
  • Maintain and upgrade all NHMU IT services including printing, trouble ticketing, etc.
  • Train & assist Museum HR with identity & access management tasks.
  • Act as an authority on Museum exhibit A/V systems and on IT & IT-related physical plant tasks.
  • Design, deploy and update point-of-sale environment for admission PCs, Museum Gala, and other locations as required.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Install, secure and repair computerized exhibits. Perform or schedule preventive maintenance on exhibit systems.
  • Provide second-level tech support to Museum faculty, staff and volunteers by e-mail, telephone or in person. Provide first-level tech support when regular first-level staff are busy or absent.
  • Respond to exhibit failures. Triage situation and restore or mark as out-of-order. Refer to other teams as appropriate.
  • Walk through public galleries to verify operation of IT exhibit systems before the Museum opens to the public at least once a month or when other IT staff are unable to perform this duty.
  • Perform exhibit startup and shutdown procedures as required.
  • Participate in IT and tangential-to-IT procurement processes. Purchase or recommend products or services as needed to fulfil IT requirements.
  • Fabricate and install electronic exhibit components.
  • Provide all necessary and appropriate assistance to installation crew when integrating computer and A/V systems for temporary exhibits.
  • Make recommendations as to which services are best provided by NHMU IT and which are best provided by University IT or outside suppliers. Liaise with University IT and outside suppliers as required.
  • Create and maintain custom tools as required.
  • Maintain and upgrade legacy e-mail relays and distribution list systems.
  • Write queries for custom reports as required.
  • Train IT and A/V staff on IT and exhibit systems and procedures.
  • Train non-IT staff on advanced use of systems on which IT is both the application owner and the primary user.

Minimum Qualifications     

Require a bachelor’s degree in a related area, or equivalency, and 3-5 years of experience in the field or in a related area.

Applicants must demonstrate the potential ability to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description.


Primary Preferences

  • Fluent ability to work at both Linux and Windows command lines using one or more common shells of choice.
  • Fluent ability to work in both Windows and macOS GUIs.
  • Ability to read and write PowerShell and Bourne shell programs. (3 years within last 5)
  • Ability to read and modify existing PHP, Perl and Python programs or similar languages (1 year)
  • Experience with configuration management software, preferably CFengine. Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, etc are acceptable substitutes. (3 years)
  • Experience with version-control software, preferably Git and/or SVN. (1 year)
  • SCCM administration experience, must include application authoring, task similar languages sequences and SCCM administration. (2 years within last 5, may substitute similar products, if involved in authoring packages)
  • Debian and Ubuntu administration experience. (5 years within last 8, may substitute other Linux distributions)
  • Windows Server administration experience, must include Server Core. (5 years within last 8)
  • Experience administering Group Policy. (2 years)
  • Experience with enterprise backup products and disaster-recovery planning. (5 years)
  • Experience administering, monitoring and upgrading VMware VSphere and ESXi. May substitute Hyper-V or OpenStack. (5 years)
  • Experience using trouble-ticketing or IT service management tools. (1 year)
  • Experience administering web servers, including TLS configuration. (1 year within past 4 years)
  • Experience using system- or service-monitoring tools. (2 years)
  • Basic ability to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook. (1 year)

Secondary Preferences

  • Technical writing experience.
  • A/V experience, especially in museum exhibits.
  • Sound reinforcement experience.
  • Electronics design and fabrication experience, including through-hole soldering.
  • BrightSign / BrightAuthor experience, including ability to read and write BrightScript. May substitute professional Roku channel design experience.
  • ZFS administration experience.
  • IP and Ethernet Networking experience through Layer 4, including physical plant, switching and routing.
  • Experience with the Squid web proxy.
  • Experience with Blackbaud Altru.
  • Experience with Axiell EMu.
  • MDM experience (any product or combination of products capable of both Android and iOS management).
  • Encryption key management experience.
  • Experience with PaperCut MF. May substitute PaperCut NG or other print management software.
  • Experience with Dell PowerVault ME4 storage or similar.
  • Experience administering Apache, NginX and IIS.
  • Experience with Nagios or Icinga.
  • Experience with Microsoft App-V.
  • SQL Server on Windows and MySQL/MariaDB on Linux administration experience.
  • Experience writing SQL queries in any common dialect.

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Employer: University of Utah (@UUtah)
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Posted Date: 05/03/2020
Expiry Date: 31/08/2020
Type: Full-Time
Categories: System Administrator / Integrator
Ref: DN-JB-197
Added by: DAM News Administrator
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