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Digital Project Manager

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Porsche Latin America Inc. Expired
Miami, USA

Position overview

Porsche Latin America is seeking a supportive and energetic person to join the team. In this role, the Digital Project Manager will focus on all digital marketing related elements for Porsche in the entire region of Latin America and the Caribbean. This role is tasked with strategically building and optimizing a digital ecosystem that enables further professionalization and growth opportunities for all business areas.

Porsche Latin America supports a network of 16 importers and 44 Porsche Centers throughout 24 countries in Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Our mission is to build and maintain positive relationships with our customers, importers and local partners.

A successful Digital Project Manager constantly seeks for creative ways to improve the digital user experience, to enhance the data analytics and by thus drives the effectiveness and efficiency of related initiatives. In addition, this position also steers the digital resources at the marketing agencies accordingly.

The scope of the position includes:

  • Digital ecosystem architecture development for the entire omni-channel prospect / customer journey covering all business fields of the Porsche brand, and its products and services. Primary tasks are the design of the blueprint, coordination of the roll out strategy and the utilization within regional and importer initiatives.
  • Strategic development and implementation of marketing automation tools & technology platforms. Primary responsibilities are the implementation of integrated marketing solutions with technology providers as well as orchestrating the operations of ongoing lead generation, nurturing and segmentation campaigns for we b, search, social, email & display advertising.
  • Management of regional websites & dealer websites. Primary tasks include:
  • Content management, measuring and reporting performance of all sites to define areas of opportunities and growth.
  • Definition of SEO strategy.
  • Enhancements and Integration of new functionalities (e.g. Live Chat, Porsche Finder integration)
  • Overall monitoring, testing, optimization and reporting.
  • Support regional marketing campaigns. Primary tasks include:
  • Collaboration with media agency to define media channels, KPIs, audiences, implementation of tracking and reporting.
  • Collaboration with internal teams and agencies to develop specific campaign websites, including the definition of content modules to enhance user experience and traffic to site.
  • Definition of SEO, measure and report performance of the campaigns.
  • Responsible for automation of holistic performance reporting, analytics and data integration to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of Marketing and CRM. Support the Digital Customer Journey initiatives such as digital newsletters, emails out of C@P (CRM Database Management System), and Dialogue Marketing.
  • eCommerce. Oversee the launch and maintenance of digital retail channels including:
  • Development of strategy and concepts for digital eCommerce of Porsche products and services.
  • Vendor selection, with full integration within the Porsche digital ecosystem (e.g. dealer websites / Porsche.com, social media channels, etc.).
  • Work closely with internal departments to support the creation of campaigns to increase digital sales, definition of targets and KPIs, and report online activity.

  • Work in collaboration with media agency to gather data driven insights on target audiences.
  • Define and optimize audience definitions for digital marketing campaigns.
Always-On Campaigns.

  • Develop strategy and concept for always-on marketing.
  • Establish product/service portfolio and calendar to ensure maximum visibility, engagement, acquisition and retention.
  • Utilization of data driven marketing approach to develop personalized marketing strategies.
  • Represent Porsche Latin America’s needs and required inegration with on-going digital innovation topics such as development of Digital Management Platform (DMP), Customer Data Platform (CDP), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Porsche Finder and other platforms.
  • Collaborate with Porsche AG, their agencies and the agency partners of Porsche Latin America as well as the importers to develop digital marketing programs across all Porsche model lines
  • Drive innovation to ensure Porsche Latin America and our media agency are utilizing the most effective and targeting and engagement technologies in digital media and ensuring efficient conversion rates (based on program goals).

  • Develop, along with Senior Marketing Communications Manager, overall objectives, strategy and budgetary needs for digital campaigns. Create and execute online programs designed to increase site traffic, low funnel actions and sales demand
  • Represent Porsche Latin America at international digital meetings organized by Porsche headquarters
  • Utilize discretionary time to further Porsche Latin America’s marketing capabilities related to technology and new media

  • Develop strong relationships and integration across disciplines by working hand-in-hand with Senior Marketing Communications Manager, CRM Manager, Importer Marketing and CRM Managers as well as key agencies and other key stakeholders that engage with the Porsche digital landscape. Work with agency and other partners to develop and analyze program metrics for effective benchmarking and performance management.  Support other departments with digital and search needs as necessary.

  • Marketing efforts designed to drive website traffic, leads and sales
  • Manage and merchandise websites and supporting microsites. These activities include site creative development, product promotion, site navigation and user acceptance, social media integration, lead generation, campaign management and site analytics.
  • Ensure regular program optimization meetings are held to maximize campaign effectiveness and that reporting is regularly distributed and reviewed internally
Budget Management

  • Develop a strong partnership with Procurement/Finance and actively manage purchase order/invoicing and on-going budget management systems:
  • Annual budget proposals are accurate and reflect all planned programs
  • All programs are implemented within budget and in the most efficient manner possible
  • All necessary Procurement and Finance policies are adhered to related to program spending approval and execution
  • Maintain monthly budget forecasts
  • Identify and drive ROI improvements

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Employer: Porsche Latin America Inc. (@porsche)
Location: Miami, USA
Posted Date: 12/01/2023
Expiry Date: 23/01/2023
Type: Full-Time
Categories: Digital Marketing / Marketing Technology, Project Manager
Ref: DN-JB-1122
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