Touché! Fight Back Against Sorenson ‘Slur’

In a recent blog article, providers of video encoding services, fought back against Sorenson Media’s claim that “Sorenson Media have the right and only proven enterprise-grade Cloud transcoding solutions”.  At Digital Asset Management News, we cannot help but agree that Sorenson may have overstated their position in the market, and were particularly dismayed to read that clearly some service providers are still unable to take up the challenge of their open source counterparts without resorting to wholly negative criticism, that in turn seems to question the intelligence of their prospective clients and integrity of their competitors!  Come on Sorenson!  We know that you’re a long-standing and capable provider, surely you can find a better way to demostrate how good your services are without the inflammatory language, otherwise you might just run the risk of sounding like soured grapes!

“In a recent blog post, Sorenson Media attempts to not only educate the world on the value of a Cloud-based approach to video encoding, but also puts forth the claim that “We at Sorenson Media have the right and only proven enterprise-grade Cloud transcoding solutions.”  For evidence, Sorenson provides no historical case studies (how could they?) or capability comparisons to back this claim.  Rather, they provide “buyer beware” innuendo that there is great risk in choosing a leading provider such as  Desperate?  We think so.” [Read More]

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