Planet DAM – Aggregated Feed Of DAM Related RSS And Twitter Updates

Tim Strehle, whose blog is listed as one of our featured DAM resources, has developed a useful page where he has aggregated multiple DAM-related RSS and Twitter feeds into a single river of news.  He also has links to 121 (and counting) DAM products.  His blog contains some more details:

I’m working in Digital Asset Management and love reading DAM news, and learning about technology, products, and trends. It took me a while to find all the sources for DAM information. If you’d like to dive into the world of DAM news too, you can spare most of that work by starting with my Planet DAM page” [Read More]

The URL of Planet DAM is:  He has a Twitter list also here:

For anyone who needs to keep tabs on what is happening in Digital Asset Management, this is a handy tool which I have bookmarked.

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