Creative Workflow – MRM and DAM Webinar Jan 21st 2010

Earley associates are running another free Webinar next week on Thursday 21st Jan 2010 at 2pm (Eastern US time).  The subject of the seminar is Creative Workflows with MRM and DAM.  Speakers include Ralph Windsor from Daydream and Mayer Becker from MarketSphere, as well as Earley’s CEO Seth Earley.

One of the challenges of implementing the MRM flavor of DAM (marketing resource management) is that creative processes are typically ad hoc in nature and people in creative roles can be resistant to having too much structure imposed on how they accomplish their work.  There is also less excitement around reusing assets versus creating them from scratch.

It is important to define situations where asset reuse makes sense and consider how searching for assets fits into the creative process. Improvement in marketing processes and asset management can yield tremendous savings and improve the ability to react to opportunities while speeding time to market if approached with realistic expectations and with certain caveats in mind.  In this session we will discuss how to map marketing and creative processes and when to insert workflow, asset reuse and structure into creative tasks.

Read more on the Earley site.

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