Knowledge Gap Obstacle To DAM In India’s Film Industry

In this article, S. Shyamala at Financial Chronicle identifies the unwillingness of the Indian film industry to embrace the latest digital technologies. Both a lack of knowledge and also financial issues severely hamper the adoption of digital technologies in the sector, and despite some market penetration by digital asset management companies, there is still much work to be done before Bollywood can reap the benefits of DAM and related digital technologies as its Western competitors have done.

“According to actor Kamal Hassan: “We are lagging by at least a 15 years (in adopting digital technologies in films) because of the lack of awareness. People are used to digital technologies, in the form of mobile phones, radio, cameras but we are yet to bring them on in our films.” There is no physical negative while digitally making films. The content of a 2.5-hour film that is about two terabytes is compressed and transmitted directly over satellite to theatres or through an external storage medium such as a USB stick.” [Read More]

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