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Gotuit and Inlet Team Up For Live Video Metadata Authoring

by Naresh Sarwan on August 31, 2009

Gotuit, a leading provider of broadband video metadata technologies , today announced that it has integrated with Inlet Technologies, the leader in live streaming and on-demand solutions for digital media. Video publishers using Gotuit’s Video Metadata Management System (VMMS) along with Inlet’s Spinnaker TM 7000 HD real-time streaming encoder can now author premium, scene-level metadata for video programs as they are being broadcast. The result is that both the final broadband video file and associated metadata file can be delivered to the destination web site within minutes of the live broadcast.

“The faster brands can get video to their site, along with rich, accurate and relevant metadata, the better they will be able to monetize their content,” said Mark Pascarella, CEO of Gotuit. “We are thrilled to be able to tap into Inlet’s powerful abilities to encode video on the fly so that metadata can be authored while a program is being broadcast. Human-authored metadata has always had a significant advantage in quality and accuracy over automated solutions, and this integrated process adds to the speed of our patented solution.”

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