FatWire: New Release Of EMC Digital Asset Management Solution

Web Experience Management vendor, Fatwire, yesterday announced they had selected EMC’s DAM offering: EMC Documentum Media WorkSpace as their DAM platform of choice:

FatWire offers Media WorkSpace, EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager and EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services as FatWire’s comprehensive solution for Digital Asset Management. FatWire selected these EMC products for their leading capabilities enabling marketers to easily work with rich media as a part of multi-channel marketing campaigns. The FatWire Digital Asset Management solution is a component of the strategic partnership between FatWire and EMC announced earlier this year, in which EMC also offers FatWire Web Experience Management as their solution for the web, and the two companies work together to deliver solutions for interactive marketing.” [Read More]

Given that the two companies already have a strategic alliance this is not entirely surprising.  Earlier this month, Irina Guseva proposed that more DAM vendors should consider Web Experience Management, so it will be interesting to see if this trend continues with other DAM vendors seeking to form alliances or improve their in-house WEM capabilities.

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