Enterprise Software Vendor Selection Webinar, March 2nd, 1pm ET

RealStoryGroup present a free webinar entitled:  “The Right Way to Select Technology for the Enterprise” where Tony Byrne will present various techniques RealStory use to evaluate vendors as an alternative to the traditional RFP & Pitch/Demo process.

Tony will outline how you can avoid some of the pitfalls of conventional selection:

…selection can be a high-stakes, high-anxiety decision. Buyers often respond by developing excessively long “checkbox” RFPs under the delusion that more detail will reduce their risks. They send RFPs to a haphazard collection of suppliers, sit nervously through inconclusive demos, then rush to make a decision so that the project can finally get started. This distant, uncommunicative courtship almost inevitably leads to a poor marriage.” [Read More]

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