Createasphere DAMMY Award Winner Announced

Createasphere have announced that they have selected Jason Bright of Media Beacon as the winner of their DAMMY of the year award:

The goal of the DAMMY Awards is to raise awareness of the rapidly evolving, increasingly crucial role of digital asset management (DAM); to promote creative and technical excellence in the field; and to recognize the achievements occurring in DAM.  Mary Yurkovic, Manager of Createasphere’s DAM Conference noted, “We launched the DAMMY’s to put DAM in the spotlight and to draw attention to the ingenious work going on in this important arena.  The DAMMY of the Year gives special recognition to the innovative thinking and excellence that is propelling the digital asset management industry forward. All of us on the Createasphere team are honored to work on the DAMMY’s, and to announce Jason Bright as DAMMY of the Year.” [Read more]

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