DAM Weekly Round-Up – 4th September 2018

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Taxonomy Hierarchical Relationship Issues

Taxonomy specialist and author Heather Hedden has recently posted an article dealing with the issue of broader and narrower terms within hierarchical relationships.  Discussing the challenges faced when working either ‘top down’ or ‘bottom up’ to create relational taxonomies, Heather also presents a number of scenarios where a typical approach may not always yield the desired results, including relationships within membership systems, job descriptions, and cases where ‘specificity is not taxonomical specificity’.  The article provides an interesting insight into a subject we often take for granted.

New Workflow Software Can Improve Quality, Consistency of Brand Packaging

German DAM solutions provider Dalim have published a roundup for its recent ‘Lunch and Learn’ event staged in New York.  This particular article focuses on labels and packaging, its importance as an advertising medium, and the role of DAM in providing a seamless and consistent brand across different platforms and devices.  Although ultimately aimed at users of their ES 5.5 software, it’s still a worthwhile read and provides insights into a rapidly-changing digital landscape.

Exchanging Assets Between Departments

Quinn Larson from Behr has written a case study for the Widen blog.  In this episode of their series on implementation, Quinn explains the challenges faced – and lessons learned – during her organisation’s shift to Widen’s DAM platform.  Behr moved to a DAM system five years ago, and the advice from Quinn is simple and practical, and can be applied to any DAM migration, regardless of the provider.  Maxims cover the importance of keeping things simple, hiring a DAM professional and being aware of issues both inside and outside of your organisation that might affect your overall strategy in the long run.

Resource Space Announce Version 8.6 Features

DAM vendor Montala have announced that they’re busy working on version 8.6 of their DAM platform, ResourceSpace, due for launch in September.  The new version boasts a revamped look and feel, improved security, and a remote ‘image bank search’ among other features and enhancements.  Aesthetic changes include the ability to choose custom colours for the interface and change the system-wide font.  The image bank search allows users to search stock images from within the DAM system, and although only Pixabay is supported for this version, further libraries will be added in future releases, with the initial focus being on open source/free image libraries.  A couple of other notable additions include the integration of Google’s Cloud Vision for AI tagging of assets and the inclusion of GDPR compliance by way of providing cookie consent and notification.

Bynder Advanced Analytics: Delivering more value with data-driven content insights

DAM solutions provider Bynder have published a blog article showcasing the advanced analytics features of their flagship DAM platform.  With a focus on using analytics to slice through the noise and ultimately save time and money to pinpoint usage – and wastage – in a DAM system, the article highlights what they consider to be the most useful information when providing stats.  Features include internal content usage, ‘proof’ of ROI, progress tracking to help identify bottlenecks n the workflow, highlighting ineffective content and what keywords are being used within searches.  There’s also an upcoming webinar to showcase Bynder’s content analytics, which you can sign up for at the foot of the article.

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