DAM News Round-Up – 8th March 2021

Digital Asset Management News

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Solve Common Content Marketing Challenges with DAM

DAM software provider MerlinOne have recently published an article that highlights a number of challenges within content marketing, and how a digital asset management system can help your organisation overcome them. Their list of top challenges includes the functionality and scalability of technology solutions, shortcomings in training and collaboration, optimisation of resources such as time and money, and the collection of metrics to gauge the success of marketing campaigns.  The article continues by exploring how each of these issues can be addressed by the use of a well-managed DAM system.

Content Lifecycle Management : 7 Steps for Success in 2021

Continuing with the theme of content, DAM vendor Brandfolder present a series of actionable tips to help organisations manage their content lifecycle more effectively. With a brief but concise description of Content Lifecycle Management (CLM), the article also breaks down each of the 7 stages of the content lifecycle (plan, create, store and organise, edit and approve, publish and distribute, report, and preserve).  A final section discusses what to look for when selecting and implementing a CLM solution.

Hyland enters into agreement for the acquisition of Nuxeo

Content services provider, Hyland, has recently announced its upcoming acquisition of DAM platform provider Nuxeo.  In a press release, Hyland’s CEO Bill Priemer states that the transaction is due to close in April, after which Nuxeo is expected to be integrated into the Hyland brand.  According to his statement, existing customers will also be given access to Hyland’s “unparalleled range of content services capabilities”, enabling more organisations to “achieve their digital transformation goals”.

Can Auto-Tagging Save Us From Metadata?

Enterprise Information Management specialist Andrea Malick has recently posted an article exploring the apparent reluctance to discuss metadata by organisations, and whether or not auto-tagging is a viable solution, considering the current shortcomings of AI and its inherent lack of context.  Andrea also discusses, in some detail, the benefits of ‘good’ metadata, along with a number of insights into best practices and why humans are still a crucial and irreplaceable component of effective information management.

Who are DAM End-Users & Why Do They Matter?

If you’ve yet to implement a DAM system and are unsure of the exact nature of its end users, this recent article from visual content consultants Stacks aims to explain who DAM end-users are, along with their typical roles, and why they’re important to the success of your DAM system.  The article also includes a number of best practice tips for onboarding and managing your users to ensure that their involvement and valued feedback is contributing to the overall efficiency of your platform.

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