DAM News Round-Up – 7th February 2022

A collection of recent DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Defining a Taxonomy’s Scope

Author and taxonomist Heather Hedden discusses the topic of taxonomy scope in this recent blog post.  Covering the needs of the user as a primary factor, the article also explores the various sources for taxonomies, along with both manual and automated methods to review and define a taxonomy’s terms.  Heather continues by highlighting additional methods to source terms, including creating user questionnaires and analysing search logs to discern which terms appear, and with what kind of frequency.

DAM is the Keystone to Modular Content

Ed Breault, Chief Marketing Officer for DAM solution provider Aprimo has recently contributed a feature article here on DAM News.  In ‘DAM is the Keystone to Modular Content‘, Ed explores the topic of Modular Content, and how a DAM system should natively support it in order to realise content strategies across multiple channels.  Covering key challenges such as personalisation and scalability, Ed provides a series of five actionable tips to help your organisation get started with modular content.  An additional resource page with further information is also provided.

How Digital Asset Management is Expected to Change in 2022

Digital Asset Management software provider Pics.io gazes into its crystal ball to provide six predictions for how DAM is expected to change in the coming year.  Forecasts include asset-based workflows, improved security measures, asset centralisation, real-time asset updates and transcripts, an increase in employment opportunities for DAM professionals, and enterprise-level branding.

Interview with EMRAYS: Pioneers of Image Context AI for DAM

DAM vendor WoodWing has recently published an interview with Cliff Crosbie, the co-founder of EMRAYS AI – a DAM integration system hailed as being the world’s first ‘Image Context AI’.  The search tool uses a combination of sentiment data based on over 4.5 billion data points sourced from social media.  For those seeking an independent opinion, my co-contributor and DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor has recently written an article on EMRAYS.

How to Prepare Data for Ingestion and Integration

Digital content consultant Brian Carlson has posted an article that presents a modern take on the issue of GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) – an acronym referring to how the quality of input data directly affects the value and integrity of a system’s output, including any business decisions that are based upon it.  For DAM users, data ingestion should be a familiar task, as should the importance of auxiliary processes such as sanitisation and normalisation.  In this detailed and well-written piece, Brian covers a number of challenges associated with the meteoric rise in both customer information and data sources such as IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

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