DAM News Round-Up – 3rd June 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Henry Stewart DAM New York 2019 – Feedback And Insights From Those Who Attended

My co-contributor Ralph Windsor recently attended the Henry Stewart Dam New York conference.  Whilst there, he took the opportunity to gain some feedback from other visitors and pose a number of wider DAM-related questions including the insights they gained, the subjects they were interested in and whether the conference reflected those interests, and whether the DAM industry was facing a crisis due to a lack of skilled managers and an excessive focus on technology-only solutions.

What It Takes to Survive the Game of DAMS

DAM and Library Science expert Ian Matzen has also recently posted an article on LinkedIn expanding on a number of themes and takeaways from DAM NY 2019.  His summary covers such topics as governance, how to engage stakeholders, elevating users and leveraging them to win endorsement, sponsorship and compliance, workflow and supply chain integration and metrics, AI, and challenging the notion that relying on multiple DAM systems is a bad idea.

DAM – and Metadata – Are Your First Defense Against Lost Opportunities

Content and strategy specialist John Horodyski explores the importance of metadata in his recent CMSWire article.  Using an Amazon search for ‘hangers’ as an example, and the resulting mass of identical, non-specific results, he describes how DAM systems often suffer from the same problem if its metadata isn’t up to scratch.  Comparing structured data, such as names, addresses and locations – which are easily discoverable – with unstructured data such as images and video, the importance of effective metadata immediately becomes apparent, and its absence represents a wide range of lost opportunities and ultimately, decreased return on investment.

Knowledge Graphs and Ontologies

Taxonomy expert and author of the Accidental Taxonomist Heather Hedden has posted a blog article examining the growing interest in Knowledge Graphs, and their use across various industries.  As is always the case with Heather’s posts, the article is fairly in-depth, yet manages to convey the key concepts clearly and concisely.  She also helpfully provides links to articles and conferences where you can learn more about knowledge graphs and how they relate to ontologies and taxonomies.

DAM is for Life, not just for Pictures

James Naylor, Group Publishing Systems Manager for Slimming World, presents his journey from a ‘No DAM’ system to planning and implementing a DAM system to organise and manage 50 years’ worth of disparate assets and processes.  His detailed presentation at this year’s Henry Stewart DAM Europe conference covers each step of the way, from scoping out the initial requirements and establishing the usefulness of a DAM system, through to user feedback, training, implementation and fine tuning.  This real-world case study should provide invaluable guidance for those tasked with a similar mission.

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