DAM News Round-Up – 28th February 2022

A collection of recent DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Synthetic media in the light of truth

Visual tech consultant and founder of visual tech magazine Kaptur, Paul Melcher, investigates the topic of trust with regards to synthetic media such as deepfakes and AI generated faces.  Referencing a couple of recent studies into our relationship with synthetic media, Paul discusses how both humans and machines are still struggling to detect visual deception, and how our sense of fear and anger play an active part in our judgement of ‘trustworthiness’ and what is ‘real’.  It’s surprising to learn that AI faces are generally regarded as more trustworthy by humans, although our detection rate for distinguishing which ones are fake is little better than pure chance at around 50%.

A Guide to UGC and DAM

Digital Asset Management software provider Widen present a primer on User Generated Content (UGC) in this recent blog post.  With some surprising statistics stating that UGC is more likely to be trusted by consumers compared to brand-generated content, the article continues by providing a number of benefits of leveraging UGC, including a decrease in content creation time and cost, establishing brand loyalty, increased market performance, and a perceived increase in authenticity.  Additional tips and insights  on UGC management are also provided, including information on dedicated third-party tools such as TINT and GRIN.

Infographic: DAM vs MRM – What’s the difference?

This recent article from DAM vendor Wedia provides a handy reference for those struggling to differentiate between Digital Asset Management and Marketing Resource Management (MRM).  Primarily aimed at those working within marketing and martech stacks, the post includes a useful reference by way of an infographic supported by a breakdown of each platform’s characteristic features, functionality, and benefits.

How to identify your digital asset management requirements

If your organisation is yet to implement a DAM solution, this recent article from Bynder could help in identifying and mapping out your initial requirements prior to shortlisting potential vendors.  Advice includes discussing pain-points with various departments, and analysing existing content management processes to work out where the bottlenecks are – outdated marketing materials, inconsistent branding, cluttered file management, poor discoverability, and lack of integration are all tell-tale signs that your current digital asset management processes are in need of an upgrade.  A free vendor comparison guide is also available (email registration required).

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