DAM News Round-Up – 27th August 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Taxonomy Mapping

Taxonomist and author of The Accidental Taxonomist Heather Hedden has recently published a blog article that takes a fairly detailed look at taxonomy mapping, its standards, the reasons it might be required, how it works and the software that’s available to undertake mapping tasks.  Heather explains how her one-way perception of taxonomy modelling (mapping a tagged taxonomy to a public-facing retrieval taxonomy), although being the most common, was only part of the bigger picture. The section on standards, along with how software titles implement them should be of particular interest to taxonomy novices and experts alike.

Metadata Management: What Is It, and Why Do You Need It?

DAM software provider Widen have posted a short article introducing the topic of metadata management, a subject my co-contributor Ralph Windsor has written extensively about.  The article traces the history of library classification to today’s content-rich digital landscape, and covers common themes such as findability, tagging and schemas.  The piece is a decent enough entry point if you’re a complete newcomer to the DAM scene, although there are certainly better explanations out there.

Building your ‘DAM Fam’ [4/4]: A digital asset manager job description template

In their fourth and final instalment of their series on building a team, DAM vendor Bynder have provided a job description template for recruiting a digital asset manager – a crucial role for any DAM implementation project.  The job description for finding your ideal ‘DAM Champion’ is split into three sections: job description, responsibilities, and the required qualifications and experience.  For further reading, we’ve also published our own article on the subject of building a successful DAM selection team.

Webinar: How To Add More Speed To Your Daily DAM Tasks

DAM consultants and resellers, CyanGate have published a short webinar exploring a number of new features and functions in the WoodWing Elvis platform aimed at speeding up asset selection times.  Presented by WoodWing’s Senior VP of Product Development, Dennis van Nooij, the key takeaways are asset selection, file organisation, file preview and content creation.  Although the webinar is aimed at WoodWing users, it may provide a useful comparison to your own platform or as a feature-set reference if you’re still in the procurement stage or shopping for potential DAM solutions.

Top digital asset management tips: It’s getting DAM personal

Jake Athey, Marketing and Customer Experience VP at Widen, has published an article that considers the challenge of locating the perfect brand image in two minutes.  Using brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple as examples of those successfully leveraging their assets to promote themselves across multi-channel, multi-territory channels, the main thrust of the article is the importance of personalisation within marketing campaigns, and how a DAM system can help facilitate and streamline this in a number of ways, from providing a centralised hub (aka the ‘single source of truth’), to collaboration, reuse of assets and approval workflows.

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