DAM News Round-Up – 24th June 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Subconscious and Conscious Data: Where AI & Machine Learning Could Create Genuine Value for DAM

DAM News editor Ralph Windsor has recently published a feature article highlighting the inherent issues and shortcomings with the DAM industry’s current approach to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and auto-tagging.  Offering a different approach in order to solve the problem of consistently low quality metadata that such pixel-based processes generate, Ralph presents a more philosophical model that parallels human consciousness (metadata), sub consciousness (data), and memory recall with the cataloguing and contextual requirements of digital assets.

Digital transFOMO: Don’t get left behind!

In this blog post, DAM software provider Bynder explore the topic of digital transformation, and the fear of missing out (FOMO) for those organisations that have yet to onboard any of the emerging foundational technologies.  Breaking down three key models: adaptability, scale, and efficiency,  the article focuses on the technologies that underpin core operations such as DAM, CRM, PIM and CMS.  Covering disruptive and innovative start-ups and the speed and scale that emerging industries have witnessed, through to efficiency drives by existing brands to extract maximum profit, the article is a worthwhile read for those in fear of getting left behind in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Taxonomy & Metadata: The Menu and Ingredients for Your DAM Restaurant

If you’re still struggling with the core concepts of taxonomies and metadata or just beginning your DAM journey, this CMSWire article from Aprimo aims to explain them via the simple analogy of a restaurant menu, and the ingredients for the dishes therein.  The post is an entrée into what can often be a confusing topic, and the simple to understand descriptions should be easy enough for the novice to digest, although more advanced DAM users may not find the item sufficiently in-depth.

How Fratelli Carli brought order and consistency to customer content management

DAM vendor Woodwing have recently posted a case study on their blog.  Fratelli Carli, and Italian olive oil company, were experiencing problems with an unnecessarily large volume of disparate assets, many of which their teams were duplicating for their own means, increasing the risk of an inconsistent brand and consumer experience.  The introduction of a DAM system allowed their users to plan, automate and broadcast their assets and activities to both internal and external departments and move towards a more consolidated, integrated and efficient workflow.

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