DAM News Round-Up – 22nd February 2021

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Introducing Audio/Video Intelligence: Taking Rich Media Discoverability to the Next Level

DAM software provider MediaValet introduce their new Audio/Video Intelligence (AVI) features.  Aside from the confusing abbreviation, which is already a well-established video file format, the AVI feature claims to be able to recognise and tag objects, people, topics, and scenes.  There’s also a multilingual translation feature for creating transcripts.  It’s a fairly impressive toolkit, and the article also provides a number of example use case.  As to its real-world performance, and whether extensive training is required for autotagging to be more accurate is not stated.

Comparing Cloud-Based and On-Premise DAM Software

If you’re still unsure of the differences between cloud and on-premise DAM solutions (the latter of which is slowly decreasing in popularity), this recent blog post from digital asset consultants Stacks presents a fairly detailed comparison of the two delivery methods.  Features compared include cost, implementation, accessibility, security and license controls.

Why should you use an Enterprise DAM? 7 High-Value DAM Use Cases

Digital Asset Management vendor Wedia present seven reasons why you should use an enterprise DAM system, and explores the added value beyond a simple file repository that can be leveraged by your whole organisation.  Case studies include a foundational content lifecycle, supporting a sales channel, policing brand guidelines, and providing in-depth metrics to gauge asset usage and the impact of your digital content on customer engagement.

What is a Rendition and Why Does It Matter?

Another new feature from DAM platform provider MediaValet is Renditions.  Also known as proxy, derivative or surrogate files, Renditions are essentially a list of on-the-fly formats that can be created from the original asset (for example, a PDF download of a JPG file, or an MP4 download of a MOV file).  The article explores the numerous benefits of such a feature, including the obvious advantage of only needing to store a single format for any given asset.

PhotoShelter AI’s RosterIQ Automates Facial and Jersey Recognition

With some potentially impressive workflow possibilities, DAM vendor PhotoShelter has also announced its own suite of AI solutions for automated media processing, metadata and tagging.  PhotoShelter’s line-up of tools includes: RosterIQ, for recognising faces and jersey data for full teams of athletes; BrandIQ, for recognising sponsor and brand logos; and FusionIQ, which references metadata from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

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