DAM News Round-Up – 20th May 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

A Day in The Life of a DAM Manager

In this Henry Stewart DAM video, Kathleen Cameron, Digital Asset Manager at Nest discusses her role within DAM and her journey through the industry over the last 20 years.  As a digital archivist, she walks us through her daily duties, including communications with partners, managing the taxonomies, metadata processing and rights administration.  Kathleen’s candid responses provide a number of intriguing insights into the inner workings of one of Google’s latest acquisitions.

How Police Forces Use Centralized Systems for Increased Efficiency

DAM solutions provider Fotoware has recently published an article outlining the use of their Digital Evidence Management (DEM) system, which is now being used by over 80% of UK police forces.  It’s a fascinating look at how centralised and digitised evidence is being used by multiple departments, including forensic staff, responding officers, detectives and judges.  A supporting E-book, entitled ‘Digital Evidence Management for Police’ is also available as a free download.

SportsPro Live – inspiring innovations set to transform fan engagement

DAM vendor Third Light have posted a report from day one of the recent SportsPro Live conference, and how technology is enabling the sports industry to effectively manage the enormous amount of content that it generates.  Presenting emerging technologies such as volumetric filming that allow users to view players from any angle at any time, through to ‘digital companions’ based on athlete’s biometric data, the article provides a glimpse into the future of digital sports content.

Understanding Photo Management Software

A recent blog article from Digital Asset Management software provider Widen presents the what, why and how of photo management.  Although a thinly veiled and keyword-heavy promotion for their own DAM platform, it nonetheless provides some basic information for those looking to manage their photo collections.

DAMNY 2019 – Content is King but distribution is Queen

Frederic Sanuy has posted another article in light of the recent HSE DAMNY 2019 conference.  In this round-up, Frederic presents a wide range of infographics and videos covering many of the keynote speakers, vendors and sessions.  Of particular interest is the DAM Bake-off video, which showcases the various features of this year’s winning contestant, 4AllPortal which was delivered by Spencer Harris of DAM implementation consultants, CyanGate.

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