DAM News Round-Up – 10th June 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Another DAM Podcast interview with Kristine Petermann

This podcast with Henrik de Gyor features Innocean’s Digital Asset Manager for Hyundai, Kristine Petermann.  In her role within global marketing communications, Kristine highlights the importance of using a DAM to control usage rights for images, photographs and computer generated imagery, and how accurate metadata enables Hyundai to track usage, roles and permissions both inside and outside their company, including third-party content consumers, promotional campaigns and social media platforms.

DAM, not Instagram

An interesting article from DAM Librarian at Shell, Craig Stevens, investigates the subtle differences between tagging and metadata, and how the adoption of bad habits when providing such information can ultimately work against you in the absence of any taxonomical governance.  Using the social media platform Instagram as an example as how not to tag your assets, Craig also focuses on the excessive use of unmanaged, synonymous tags and how it might lead to asset searches being ‘drowned’ in a sea of tags and ambiguous descriptors.

Grab That Metadata Now, Before it Slips Away

Laurence Hart, Director at consultants TeraThink provides his opinion on a recent article by Dani Deahl that explores how music royalties are being unclaimed due to incomplete metadata.  Royalty payments from a single music track could potentially be shared amongst numerous artists, writers, producers and technicians, and without the proper documentation and logging – which needs to be done at source – the involved parties ultimately lose a portion of their income. It’s a simple and stark example of how bad metadata can directly impact return on investment.


Continuing with the theme of metadata, a recent article on the independent DAM opinion site from Kai Strieder and Alex Whitney, assembles a list of articles and podcasts that focus on the subject of metadata, from basic definitions through to AI and emerging trends.  Although a little sparse, the list does feature some great articles, so it’s a worthwhile starting point if you’re just starting out with metadata.

4 Key insights from the WoodWing Xperience 2019

DAM solutions provider WoodWing have posted a blog article offers four key insights gleaned from their recent WoodWing Xperience signature event in Amsterdam – a gathering of speakers, experts, publishers and brands invited to share and discuss the concept of ‘Continuous Transformation’ within the content creation landscape.  Addressing such broad themes as the timelessness of storytelling in the information age, and how a chaotic combination of AI, technology and shifting values and belief systems are rapidly transforming the digital content landscape, this thoughtful article explores how the publishing world might keep itself in the saddle by adopting a different approach.

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