DAM News Pricing Survey Participation Deadline

Earlier this year, we invited those DAM vendors who have a listing on our DAM vendor directory to participate in an anonymous pricing survey and we asked for initial requests for interest.  A month ago, we sent a circular to those who had indicated they might be willing to do this with a link to the survey form and also a reminder was emailed last week.  The deadline for that is today (31st March).  So far we’ve had a good response to this from a number of vendors who have already filled it out and if you have already completed the survey, you have nothing more to do.

If any others who still want to be involved have not completed the survey yet, now is the time to get it done.  If you did not receive the link to it, please contact us and I (or one of my colleagues) will send it over to you.  To make it clear, this is not the short form on the DAM vendor site asking for just an email address, but a longer survey with a number of questions requesting pricing details for some typical DAM solution scenarios.

For anyone deliberating about whether to join in or not, the main benefits for vendors are:

  • A free copy of the report (everyone else will have to pay for it).
  • Copies of the anonymous raw data resulting from the survey for comparison/benchmarking purposes.
  • A short profile with logo, contacts details etc which will get included in the appendix.
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