Video Search And Timeline Metadata Seminar, December 14, NYC

The New York Enterprise Search Group is holding a ‘meetup’ seminar that will discuss “Video Search and the Rise of Time-coded Metadata”.  Timecode or timeline metadata is one of these subject areas that offers currently untapped potential for DAM systems, so this event looks well worth attending if you either add video to DAMs or are responsible for implementing them.  The speaker at the event is Nathan Treloar, VP of Technology for Strategic Alliances at RAMP.  The meetup is being sponsored by Microsoft and is being held at their offices on 6th floor 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York City (USA):

Searching video certainly isn’t a new thing. Youtube has been with us for years now, after all. But when it comes to emerging trends in video search, both on the Web and in the enterprise, there are signs that we are entering a new age. The time-coded nature of video and the ability (or lack thereof) to search and navigate *inside* video content represent a new frontier for search that is only just now coming to light.” [Read More]

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