Reducing Image Hide & Seek with AI: In-House Agencies – July 2nd 2020, 1pm Eastern Time

This week’s highlighted event is taking place tomorrow (2nd July) at 1pm Eastern Time. Reducing Image Hide & Seek with AI: In-House Agencies is an online webinar exploring the issue of in-house asset findability and how agencies and designers can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist in identifying and tagging their assets in order to reduce search time and remove unnecessarily tedious tasks from their creative workflows.

…applying AI using machine learning (ML) models that can be trained on your specific business data can add real value by reducing tedious manual tagging while increasing search effectiveness.” [Read More]

Along with more general insights, the presentation will also include a practical example of a clothing company using business-trained AI to identify and label image assets during mass uploads.  This one hour session is presented by Alan J. Porter, Director of Product Marketing at DAM vendor Nuxeo, acclaimed Content Strategist, and author of ‘The Content Pool‘.  The webinar is free of charge for members, although non-members can also attend for free by using the promotional code Nuxeo_Webinar_Free.

Reducing Image Hide & Seek with AI: In-House Agencies
July 2nd @ 1pm ET
Location: Online
Hosted by: Nuxeo / In-House Agency Forum

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