O’Reilly Tools Of Change Conference, Feb 12-14 2013, New York (USA)

Publisher O’Reilly are hosting their 2013 ‘Tools of Change conference in NYC between 12th and 14th February.  The event covers five major themes:

  • User Experience
  • Collaboration and Connection.
  • Open Platforms, Open Standards, and Open Systems
  • Publishing-Related Technologies
  • Best Practices & Business Models

This unique, full-day event is oriented to the emerging “alternately published” market: professional creators —authors, agents, independent publicists, as well as other book content “creators” like developers and hybrids—who are exploring new paths to market. You’ll leave TOC with solid advice and dozens of ideas to put to use immediately. TOC is fascinating, practical, fun, thought-provoking, and visionary—giving you a glimpse of publishing’s future as well as a grasp of the tools you need to successfully get there.” [Read More]

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