Metadata Myths Webinar, Wednesday 25th July 2012, 10-11am (PT)

One of our featured DAM vendors, Picture Park, are running a webinar: “Metadata Myths and Madness!” on Wednesday 25th July between 10am and 11am Pacific Time.  The presentation will include John Horodyski from as well as other Picture Park staff such as David Diamond (author of the DAM Survival Guide that we covered a few weeks ago).  The main points are:

  • The most common metadata mistakes beginners tend to make
  • Why metadata standards are important and need to be considered when implementing DAM
  • Getting the right balance between excessive and insufficient metadata.
  • Whether automated metadata can be effective or if it creates more problems than it tries to solve.

As most seasoned DAM pros are acutely aware, metadata is one of the key building blocks of DAM (some would argue the most important) so if you are planning on implementing DAM then this is well worth checking out.  Although this webinar is sponsored by Picture Park, they have sensibly opted to play down the sales bit and let the subject experts do the talking.  The registration page is here:

One point to be aware of if you’re outside the US is that 10am PT is GMT-7 hours, so, starting at 6pm in the evening for prospective UK attendees (and 7pm for those in mainland Europe).  That means either you’ve got to either stay at the office a bit late on 25th July or work out some other way to get online around then.  Their last webinar can be viewed on YouTube also:

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