London DAM Meetup, Wednesday 20th August, 7pm

The next London DAM meetup, which is organised by Michelle Jouan and Ian Matzen is being held on August 20th at 7pm.  The venue is to be decided (but is likely to be somewhere in Central London).  More details are here:

The last one in late June was definitely worth attending, in fact it was probably about the best DAM-related event I have been to (and free of charge too).  Part of the reason might have been due to the informal nature of the pub venue used after the initial meetup session (which was held in the same location as the Henry Stewart DAM EU conference).  It was certainly more interesting talking about DAM in a pub than the reliable disappointment which is watching England participate in major international football competitions on a TV in your local.

I’ve had a few conversations with people on LinkedIn recently which usually descend into intermittent spamming by commercial interests on marketing auto-pilot.  The meetups are a much improved experience compared with that and there is far less pressure on those who have questions as well as potential for some more honest feedback.  If you are in the UK on August 20th and can make it to London, I can recommend going along (as I will be myself).

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  • Though I won’t be able to join you folks, I’m glad to see this user-to-user connection trend continuing. And I’m thankful to DAM News for promoting these events.

    We DAM vendors *cannot* be the hubs of the industry. If DAM is to prosper, it has to become bigger than the sum of its vendors, in the same way that financial asset management or physical asset management are bigger than any of their associated vendors. Many DAM vendors—and most DAM vendor employees—are not here for the long haul. (In fact, I think you could count on a hand or two the number of DAM vendor employees who really know anything about digital asset management.) Peer-to-peer connections are what’s going to drive this industry forward.

    David Diamond
    Director of Global Marketing

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